About us

Developing new technologies to activate the immune system

DCPrime is a clinical-stage cancer immunotherapy company, which develops therapeutic vaccines based on its proprietary DCOne® platform. DCOne®‐based vaccines share all immune‐stimulatory properties with patient-derived dendritic cell‐based vaccines, and have the simple logistics of off‐the‐shelf products. In addition, DCOne® cells express a range of known tumor antigens, which are targets in several cancer types. A commercial scale manufacturing process to produce DCOne®‐based vaccines has been established and the company successfully completed a Phase I/IIa study in Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) with its lead product DCP-001. DCPrime received Orphan Medicinal Product designation from the European Medicines Agency for DCP-001 in AML.

Based on the first promising results in patients with AML, DCPrime is now preparing an international multi-centre Phase II study in post-remission AML patients with DCP-001. DCPrime is also pursuing development of DCP-001 for another hematological cancer, Multiple Myeloma (MM). Pre-clinical work has begun evaluating the ability of immune cells from MM patients to be stimulated by DCP-001. In both AML and MM, the company will also explore combination therapies with existing treatments in preclinical studies.

For further development of vaccines based on its DCOne® platform, DCPrime has established several procedures for loading of DCOne® cells with any cancer antigen. This is in preparation for creating a range of therapeutic products targeting several solid cancer types. The DCOne® platform and its lead product DCP-001 are designed to work in patients through the induction and expansion of anti-tumor T cells. Moreover they function as “off-the-shelf products”, in contrast to other T cell therapies and dendritic cell-based vaccines.

DCPrime was founded in 2005 by Prof. Dr. Ada Kruisbeek and Prof. Dr. Rik Scheper as a spin-off from VU medical centre, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The company is now based in the Leiden BioSciencepark, The Netherlands.

Last updated: oktober 17, 2015