Our employees and their knowledge & expertise, are DCPrime’s most important assets and make us what we are today: a clinical stage company that is focused on the development of cancer vaccines based on a unique “off-the-shelf” dendritic cell platform, DCOne®. Vaccines derived from this platform can be used for immuno-therapy treatment of numerous types of cancer, and DCPrime has, together with the VU medical center in Amsterdam, achieved very promising results in patients with Acute Myeloid Leukemia.

DCPrime has currently no vacancies.

Within DCPrime we strive to attract and retain the most qualified people to support us in our goals, and to develop new cancer vaccines to improve patients’ quality of life by non- invasive treatments, together with an increase of their overall survival perspectives. DCPrime’s employees are passionate about cancer immunotherapy, dendritic cell based vaccines, and about what we have achieved so far.

Last updated: januari 3, 2017