Strong Partnerships are a Key to Success

DCPrime is a clinical stage company which develops novel cancer immunotherapies based on its proprietary DCOne® platform technology. We are exploring the full therapeutic range for this innovative platform, with our first product DCP-001 focused on hematological applications. By teaming up with other biotech companies as well as with academic institutes, we are in a position to fully unleash the huge potential of combining antigen carrier properties with the immune-stimulatory properties of dendritic cells: DCOne®‐based vaccines have the simple logistics of off‐the‐shelf products.

We are dendritic cell experts and want to share the transformative potential of our DCOne® platform technology with those who truly believe in innovation. In line with this, we are always interested in working with partners with whom we can optimize the use of off‐the‐shelf products in the development of more effective cancer immunotherapy treatments. We are triggered and motivated by challenges, seeing technical hurdles as opportunities to grow, and we are always open to explore existing opportunities with like-minded organizations in making a real change.

Last updated: november 16, 2017