Product pipeline

DCPrime’s research and development pipeline

DCPrime is building a pipeline of immunotherapies for several different types of cancer. These are designed to optimally leverage the versatile character of the DCOne® platform.

Product Pipeline


  • DCPrime’s most advanced program is in Acute Myeloid Leukemia, AML, in which a Phase I/IIa study has been completed.
  • DCPrime obtained an Orphan Drug Designation in the EU for treatment of AML, and obtained scientific advice and protocol assistance for evaluating DCP-001 in a Phase II study.
  • DCPrime is now moving DCP-001 into a multi-center Phase II study in Europe for post-remission treatment of AML patients.

DCP-001 in MM

Since several antigens expressed in DCP-001 are also known targets in Multiple Myeloma, MM, the DCP-001 vaccine has the potential of being applicable not only in AML, but also in MM. DCPrime is evaluating this in pre-clinical studies at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center with the laboratory of Prof. Dr. David Avigan from Harvard Medical School.

DCP-00X in different solid tumor indications

DCPrime has shown pre-clinically that the DCOne® cell line can be loaded with many antigens of choice, using multiple loading procedures. Long peptides were chosen as the preferred loading procedure, and we have begun to develop a scalable long-peptide loading process. In addition, we are currently assessing which cancer antigens and cancer types are best suited for future clinical testing of DCOne®-based vaccines. We also have begun a collaboration with TransCure BioServices to test antigen-loaded DCOne® cells in a pre-clinical setting using humanized mouse models.


loading platform


Last updated: augustus 16, 2016